Super Exciting MLM News…

it's been a long time coming...but we are proud to announce that boutique clothing now posted to our website!

Online Shopping through our website…

It has always been a goal to get boutique clothing posted to our website.  Through the years, our actual store has been full of boutique clothing and fashion items, but our websites have only been used for gift items, baby items, cups, etc. 

Finally…we have uploaded our first round of boutique clothing and we are super excited to have you guys shop our website inventory! 

What we have so far…

For our first round, we included our best-selling items from our store in Thomasville. These include a brand with the softest materials and most flattering fits. This includes our swing tops, swing dresses, and side-slit maxis. If you grab one of these affordable pieces, you’ll be living in these soft fabrics – it’s a guarentee!

Our Goals Include:

Giving you great quality items at affordable prices is always a huge goal, right after making sure our ladies feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable wearing their Magnolia Lane clothing! As always, we want every customer to have a welcoming, pleasurable experience after shopping with our company.

Thank you for joining us as we embark on this branching out for our small business.

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